Dos and Don’ts of SWFL Investment Properties

Purchasing an investment property is a popular option for Naples-area residents to generate some extra income. It seems like a slam-dunk, right? Just find yourself some good tenants and collect rent – easy-peasy. Unfortunately, like most things, it’s not quite that simple – but with some planning and forethought, buying a rental property in SWFL..

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Real Estate in Florida after Hurricane Irma

How Will Hurricane Irma Affect SWFL Real Estate?

In the wake of Hurricane Irma, Florida residents are left to deal with significant storm damage. It’s inevitable that after a natural disaster, the real estate market will take a noticeable hit while buying and selling homes takes a backseat to hurricane cleanup. But don’t worry – the market is expected to recover quickly, so..

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How to Cash in On the Red-Hot Florida Rental Market

Named the #2 hottest waterfront real estate market by, Naples has officially recovered from the housing slump last decade and is once again enjoying increased home values and sales. This is great news in general, but particularly for owners or prospective buyers of investment properties, as Southwest Florida is experiencing an incredibly healthy rental..

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