renovate or sell your home southwest florida

Improve or Move? How to Make Your Next Housing Decision in SWFL

Have you reached a point where your current home isn’t quite right anymore? Maybe your family is growing and you need more space, or your children have gone off to college and it’s time to downsize. Maybe the neighborhood has changed since you moved in. Or you’ve just realized that you cannot live with that..

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Real Estate in Florida after Hurricane Irma

How Will Hurricane Irma Affect SWFL Real Estate?

In the wake of Hurricane Irma, Florida residents are left to deal with significant storm damage. It’s inevitable that after a natural disaster, the real estate market will take a noticeable hit while buying and selling homes takes a backseat to hurricane cleanup. But don’t worry – the market is expected to recover quickly, so..

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How Your Neighbors Affect Your Home Value

In a perfect world, your neighbors are your friends. You love your neighborhood, and everyone works together to make it an attractive, safe, and friendly place to live. In the real world, we all know someone who has “that neighbor” that doesn’t fit the mold. For homebuyers searching for a new home, checking out the..

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