New Construction & Your Realtor

I’ll help you negotiate with a builder at no cost to you.

Most buyers of newly constructed homes don’t realize the incredible benefits of engaging a Real Estate Agent for their transaction with a builder. They include:

> No cost to the buyer.

The developers build real estate commissions into their marketing fee because they want local real estate professionals to bring clients to them. It is not true that the builder/developer will “give you a discount” if you dont’ use an agent. It may even cost you money!

> Usually, I save the buyer money.

I know how the business works from the builder side. I am familiar with incentives, upgrades, site selection and the sales agent that works for the Builder. The builder wants me to bring more clients to them in the future, so they’ll negotiate with that long-term relationship in mind. They want my continued business, so you benefit now.

> I am an expert.

As a Certified Real Estate Negotiator (CREN), I’m in the best position to find whatever financial “wiggle room” exists with each builder.

> I work for the buyer and no one else.

The Sales Representative at the Sales Center works for the builder and represents the builder. I’m here expressly for you and your best interests.

> Builders and Developers encourage homebuyers to use a Realtor ®when purchasing new construction.

There is an established professional relationship between the builders and the Realtor® community. They are happy to do business with buyers agents.

> I’ll save you time.

I know this area and the current market. I will show you properties that suit your specific needs and spare you from those that are a waste of your time. I’m constantly previewing the newest developments to keep my knowledge up to date. This is particularly helpful if you’re flying in for a short visit to purchase a new home.

> I’ll simplify a potentially confusing process.

When resale properties are so new they deserve consideration alongside the brand new construction in a neighborhood, I’ll seamlessly present these options so you won’t miss a great bargain or opportunity. And at the “end of the day” I’ll help you sort through what we’ve seen (touring multiple sales centers can be overwhelming) so you can make an informed decision on how to proceed.